Cassy is a healthy, female Kritikos Ichnilatus, 20 kilos. She has been neutered and was born in June of 2021.

She walks next to her owner dilegently. She does not pull on the leash however she loves to explore sniffing new environments.
She is housed trained and has never dirtied her crate.
She is easy to handle, for example to put her leash on, comb her and wipe her feet. She does not jump on people nor is scared of anything on her walks.
In addition, she is trainable and learns quickly. When she gets excited she does not bark or bite. Cassy also accepts human caresses positively. She has a good appetite which helps for training her with treats.

However, since she was at the shelter she is sometimes stressed with other dogs but only if they provoke her. At one time she had been bitten by a dog. In socialisation training with other dogs she did very well.
Her negative side which we feel can be solved with training, is when she is left alone in her crate. She barks and bites the crate.

She is an active dog that would flourish in a new home with three long walks a day or an owner that goes hiking and does outdoor activities.

Contact Number 6936463352

Our animals can be adopted within Attica with an adoption contract and microchip, the cost of which is borne by the new parent.
Ilioupolis Animal Welfare Union REG. NO. 5194/1997
The food for the animals fostered by our volunteers is donated by the kind and professional sponsorship of Perfect Pet.


  • Sex Female
  • Date of Birth 06/2021
  • Size 20kg
  • Michrochip
  • Sterilization Yes

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