Dahlia at this stage of her life is a lively puppy. Born in September 2023 and weighs 20 kilos.
She needs to build a relationship with a guardian who she can trust, feel safe and gain training. Her boundaries must be set and an active owner would be perfect. She is a high energy dog that needs dedication and constant training skills.

She enjoys sniff games and exploring new environments. For example, long walks or hikes.
She is very playful and it would help her to have a dog puzzle game with treats.
She is a dog that will definitely need support from a trainer. She has not yet learned how to relax on her own, a chew toy may help since she sometimes chews on her cage.


  • Sex Female
  • Date of Birth 09/2023
  • Size 20kg
  • Michrochip
  • Sterilization Not yet

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