Μatias is an adult male dog with a heart and soul of  a puppy. He enjoys cuddles and in general is a loving dog.

He has not yet learned the world and does not know how to manage it. That’s why many stimuli of all shapes and sizes cause him tension.
He is mostly disturbed by trucks, motorbikes, loose dogs and strangers and especially men who approach him and talk to him. Additionally, with time he copes with cars, cats, dogs and familiar people that he knows. Despite this, he is an intelligent dog, which can concentrate on the person who is handling him. With proper and continuous training, which is easy because he is highly motivated by treats  he will evolve into a very cooperative dog.
He has not had the chance yet to know how to manage his emotions and enthusiasm. He still jumps up on you like a puppy.
He needs an experienced guardian  who is active but who will set clear boundaries for him with both patience and persistence. He needs a fixed schedule and ideally  a calm home without children and other animals. He requires supervision, constant guidance and rules.
However, he also  enjoys relaxation, both physically and mentally. His new owner should have the time and devotion needed for Matias including at least 3 walks per day.

Contact Number 6984223789

Our animals can be adopted within Attica with an adoption contract and microchip, the cost of which is borne by the new parent.
Ilioupolis Animal Welfare Union REG. NO. 5194/1997
The food for the animals fostered by our volunteers is donated by the kind and professional sponsorship of Perfect Pet.


  • Sex Male
  • Date of Birth 06/2022
  • Size 22kg
  • Michrochip
  • Sterilization Yes

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