Larry is a male dog,  15 kilos, born in 2017, he is neutered and fully vaccinated. He also has a clean bill of health.
Larry is  the definition of a perfectly house trained dog!!!
He never causes  trouble nor does he  have separation anxiety.
He does not get along with other dogs especially with males  and he demands much time to accept them. As far as cats are concerned we are not sure if he can coexist since he was fostered in a house with 2 cats. However,  the experience was negative without the help of a trainer.  In addition, we must mention that he is insecure  at the current time. Unfortunately, his owner had to give  him up becauce he has dementia.

On the positive side, his trainer believes that Larry wants, needs and  it will be the best possible  situation for him if he finds a new owner to trust and feel security once again.
He is currently being fostered at one of our voulnteer’s home and is searching for his forever family.

Contact Number 6949924282

Our animals can be adopted within Attica with an adoption contract and microchip, the cost of which is borne by the new parent.
Ilioupolis Animal Welfare Union REG. NO. 5194/1997
The food for the animals fostered by our volunteers is donated by the kind and professional sponsorship of  Perfect Pet.


  • Φύλο Αρσενικό
  • Ημερομηνία Γέννησης 01/2017
  • Μέγεθος 15 κιλά
  • Michrochip
  • Στείρωση

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